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Dentist Kyle Texas

Whether your dental needs are as simple as a cleaning or elaborate as a full-mouth smile makeover, our Dental experts at Kyle Texas can help you achieve the look you deserve.  We know your time is valuable, so our office is equipped with a dental laboratory to fabricate crowns, bridges, and most dentures on the spot.  We are open Monday through Saturday from 8:00am until 6:00 PM. We gladly accept walk-ins at any time.
Dental Implants Kyle
At our Kyle Texas Dentist office our mission is to provide compassionate, high quality, comprehensive oral health care using the latest proven technology in a convenient and comfortable setting. Our staff strives to meet your whole Kyle family's dental health needs and look forward to treating you, your children and grandchildren for decades to come at our state of the art dentist facility. We are here to guide you to and maintain you on the path of oral health. We are committed to uncompromised ethical standards, excellent customer service, and a patient's right to autonomy as well as participation in treatment decisions. Together we will make your dental experience a truly enjoyable one.
Teeth Cleaning & Invisalign Kyle
When a tooth is decayed beyond repair or fractures into the root, it has to be extracted. Tooth remnants left in the gum tissue can cause abscesses, which can become dangerous if left untreated. If your baby tooth does not fall out and is crowding your permanent teeth, you may also need an extraction. Occasionally, when adult teeth are so severely crowded that braces alone won’t be able to straighten them, extractions are also indicated. Invisalign Dentist Kyle will consider and discuss with you all possible treatment options before preparing you for your extraction. After you have consented to the procedure, she will get the area profoundly numb and use a variety of tools to release the tooth from the gums. You will feel pressure but are not expected to have pain during the procedure. will check with you on a continuous basis to ensure you are comfortable. After the tooth is removed and all debris has been cleaned from your gums, you will bite on a piece of gauze until active bleeding has stopped. In the meantime we will verbally remind you of how to take care of yourself and your mouth in the approaching days and also provide you with written postoperative instructions. Extra gauze and prescriptions will be dispensed as necessary and when Dr. Jockin determines that your condition is stable, you are done.
Root Canal Treatment Kyle
Are you tired of your dentures moving around, causing sore spots? Is your denture covering your entire palate, making it difficult to taste the food you’re eating? Does it cause you to gag? We have great news for you! Here at Dentist Kyle we understand your frustration with loose and bulky dentures that will not cooperate. We are very excited to offer you an alternative that will allow you to ‘snap in’ your dentures so that you can eat and smile with joy and confidence. In fact, We can make your dentures so secure you will be able to eat corn on the cob at your next BBQ and bite into delicious apples again. Due to the enhanced support of the mini dental implants, we are also able to make you a denture that will not cover your palate and its tastebuds any more. It will give our mouth a more natural feel and improve your dining experience. If you are unsatisfied with dentures that look too bulky we will be able to remove excess plastic material due to the enhanced implant support.
Pediatric Dentist in Kyle & Austin Texas
Is your partial denture sitting in your drawer because you can’t stand to wear it? Are you tired of that coverage in the roof of your mouth or that bar by your tongue? Getting caught on the clasps? Want to get rid of all clasps, metal or plastic? Is food constantly getting stuck between your partial and your real teeth? Would you like to have beautiful new teeth to fill those gaps that are fixed in your mouth and that look, function and feel just like real ones? Do we have great news for you! Here at Pediatric Dentist in Kyle Texas we offer solutions to all of these problems. As a certified mini dental implant provider, Our Dentists can provide minimally invasive options that have you chewing on your new teeth after just one short treatment visit. The procedure has allowed tens of thousands of Americans like you to regain their chewing function and confidence.

procedures and services we regularly provide

It is my personal promise to provide you with exceptional care as we enhance the natural beauty of your smile.  Below are just some of the many procedures and services we regularly provide to our patients – with a gentle touch, and stunning results.  Your smile is our first priority, and we’ll give you something to smile about

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